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This short project was created in 2001, at Leicester, UK, with a group of 6 willing yet apprehensive men, mostly between the age of 17 and 21, and one person aged 50 years.

The participants, all of them heterosexual men, were randomly approached one day with the question: “Would you allow me to photograph you in women’s clothes?”

There were all kinds of reactions to that question – ranging from people running away in shock to some challenging it or being curious about it.

Running Amok, a series of photographs by Jasmeen Patheja, will be exhibited as a part of Tasveer from June 27 to July 18 in Bangalore and from August 2 to August 13 in Calcutta.

More about Jasmeen’s work can be found at at http://tasveerarts.com/artists/Jasmeen_01.shtml or http://blog.blanknoise.org



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