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Public Spaces: Under Renovation or Demolition

PUBLIC SPACES is a look into popular (local) public areas constructed for public occupation and interaction. With use over time, the ragged edges tatter and attention wanes away from the weathered frequented charm of these places.

Stairwell, Government Housing Apartment Building, West Bengal.

Government apartment housing in Calcutta and adjoining suburbs – characteristic of such projects in most similar projects in India – is starved of space and surging with human tide needing shelter. Matchbox designs and stairwells, which residents use to go out in the world and come back home, are dingy and devoid of air and light circulation, adding to the negative spatial effects on lifestyles.

Lobby, Executive Floor, Hotel Samrat, Chanakyapuri, Delhi.

Government-funded hotels, like most other government public constructional ventures invested in decades ago, are failing the test of time in the 21st century. Many years have passed since they were first erected and they are begging renovation and infrastructural and human resource upgrade.

The Green Benches - vacated and prepared for demolition. St Xavier\'s College, Calcutta.

Popular Colleges housing pop spaces over half century are wobbling on in house funds, knowing not how to invest it correctly. A confused Jesuit Administrative System of St.Xavier’s College, Calcutta, decided to uproot Calcuttan heritage in the Green Benches, adjoining the Gymnasium and Ancient Neem Trees. Illicit “modern” construction implies perpetual dust blowing into the school and college buildings from the vast common field and higher temperatures, besides displaced students from a lost shade.

Kathmandu International Airport Transit, Kathmandu City, Nepal.

A city favoured as the cultural gamut of Asia in a compendium, Kathmandu, in keeping in with European architectural styles, is one of the most popular airports with foreign adventure and culture enthusiasts.

College Square market, Calcutta. Before demolition, December 2007.

A peek into PUBLIC SPACES, work in progress.


Vatsala Goel is a 20-year-old freelance photographer who is graduating in the Fall of 2009 from International Center of Photography, New York.


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